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Candlewood Lake Club Board

New Milford Connecticut– This is the sign the mental midgets on the Candlewood Lake Club board posted on the sign-in kiosk at the par 3 golf course.

No weapons on the Candlewood Lake Club golf course.

Golf clubs are clearly "weapons." And, there's even a famous Connecticut murder case elucidating that– Martha Moxley was bludgeoned to death with a 6-iron. Suspects included William Kennedy Smith and Thomas and Michael Skakel.

So these geniuses banned golf clubs on a golf course?

For readers who don't know, the Candlewood Lake Club sits atop numerous septic tanks straddling New Milford and Brookfield, Connecticut. The septic tanks ooze into the lake. Party houses with small tanks, like Brian and Adrienne Frumberg's on Indian Trail, frequently overflow. Lovely place!