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Email to AAG Mansukhani In Re: Goodwin Subpoena and Testimony

Email to AAG Mansukhani In Re: Goodwin Subpoena and Testimony

Dear Assistant Attorney General Mansukhani:

I very much appreciate your subpoena to testify as to how the State of Connecticut, Department of Children and Families ("DCF") is supporting Mr. Milot's alienation of Ms. Jowdy from their children.  I'm sure you want to get to the truth.  And, I'm sure you, like Ms. Jowdy, are very worried that Mr. Milot grooming his children to commit criminals acts, including: destroying evidence, property theft, stalking, assault, battery, will translate into their behaving antisocially as adults. 

You may not know my background.  ...

One of my specialties is conducting very thorough, forensic due diligence to support Corporate Transactions and related litigation in a number of areas including electronic communications.  Accordingly, I know how to obtain, analyze and preserve electronic evidence.  I legally obtained text messages Hannah Milot exchanged with multiple parties.  The text messages go back to 2018 and show significant manipulative, antisocial and unlawful conduct including:

- Mr. Milot instructing Hannah to delete text messages to cover his and her tracks (see attached summary);

- Mr. Milot interfering with Ms. Jowdy's custody of Hannah by: (1) meeting her to receive property stolen from Ms. Jowdy's home on November 2, 2019; (2) meeting her prior to Hannah instigating the fight with Noah on November 1, 2019 resulting in Noah taping bolts between his fingers to use as a weapon against his sister; (3) instructing Hannah to defy her mother's grounding her by catching a ride with a friend to soccer practice; (4) arranging for a friend of Mr. Milot's to pick Hannah up and hide her from Ms. Jowdy when Hannah ran away on March 21, 2020 after being confronted regarding her theft of property from Ms. Jowdy's residence, having her phone at Ms. Jowdy's residence and deleting messages off Ms. Jowdy's phone. 

- Mr. Milot tacitly coaching Hannah to use her therapist to instigate a DCF report regarding her mother restraining Noah;

- Mr. Milot supporting Hannah to instigate the reporting to DCF by "Ms. Hamilton" of Schaghticoke Middle School of the November 1, 2019 incident with Noah Milot that Hannah incited and videotaped after meeting with Milot outside Ms. Jowdy's residence; and

- Mr. Milot using Hannah to stalk me and Ms. Jowdy.
There's a lot more.  The messages elucidate Milot is using Hannah to assist him to wage a custody war and that rather than co-parent, he habitually undermines Ms. Jowdy's authority to cause chaos in her household she cannot control.  The violence by Noah in Ms. Jowdy's home was definitely instigated by Milot including: (1) using Hannah to instigate fights with Noah and hr demanding Noah be punished, (2) insisting Noah be prescribed amphetamines instead of a psychotropic, (3) leveraging the behavior plan worked out with Noah's then therapist, Kristie Liotta, that Ms. Jowdy was following in her home with Noah but, to Noah's preference, Milot was not following when Noah was with him; and (4) leveraging Noah's preference to be with his siblings and not left out while they were with Mom or Dad via the odd visitation arrangement Milot insisted on.  Milot's behavior is diabolical.  Ms. Jowdy attempted to mitigate the problem by placing Noah with Milot for a short time.  Beyond demanding the children be placed in foster care, there's nothing Ms. Jowdy could have done to avoid the issues in her home.  It's very sad for the children because anyone who reads the text messages, the OFW messages and related relevant documents will quickly realize what's really going on.  

You are aware that the day Renetta Alexander-Edmund came to Ms. Jowdy's and my residence, I was very ill.  I had COVID like symptoms but at the time had no idea what I was battling.  While I wasn't tested, I do believe that's what I had.  Through Ms. Jowdy, I invited Ms. Alexander-Edmund to contact me to arrange another time.  Renetta didn't until she revealed she was acting in bad faith and attempting to use me as a scapegoat.  At that point there was no way I would speak to her. 

Were Renetta not biased, I would have shared the evidence I gathered with her.  That said, I find it bizarre DCF blatantly supports a parent who texts and drives, permitted the use of illicit drugs in his home around impressionable minors and who habitually ignores expert advice regarding therapy, behavioral plans and medication for his special needs child over a parent who doesn't use drugs and truly has the interests of her children at heart. 

I've known a Ms. Jowdy since 1995.  From the time she married Milot until September of 2019, I saw Ms. Jowdy once at a meeting in New York City. That said, we worked together professionally and maintained contact over the years.  Our conversations always turned to her children– their growth and development and Ms. Jowdy's planning and saving money to assist them with their futures.  Mr. Milot on the other hand flip flops and doesn't appear to even understand Noah Milot's special needs.  Based on all of the information I have, which is considerable, it's clear the Jowdy/Milot Children need Ms. Jowdy to make decisions for them related to their medical and therapeutic care and educational needs.  I find it very sad for them that Mr. Milot and DCF are marginalizing her.
While I'm definitely biased, my strong suggestion is you drop the specious neglect petition against Ms. Jowdy and pursue Mr. Milot for fraudulently involving DCF to wage a custody battle against her and endangering the health and morals of his children.

Because my testimony certainly will invoke my expertise regarding my forensic analysis of electronic communications exchanged by the parties many of which are apparently not available from any other source, I expect the state will compensate me for my time.  My billing rate is $1,500 per hour.  While I won't charge the state for the considerable time it took me to analyze Hannah Milot's 21,327 text messages and relevant communications related to this action, I do believe it's appropriate the state remunerate me for time to prepare my testimony and any exhibits as well as standby in case the court does not call me promptly or delays my testimony.  Let's discuss your needs and come up with an estimate so I can bill you a retainer to be paid prior to my testifying.

I will be traveling from Sunday until Thursday next week.  Consequently, I will not have a private, stable broad-band Internet connection during that time.  If you'd like, I can arrange a hotel with a private Internet connection. If that will work, I expect the state will pay the hotel room cost.

Best regards,

Jon Goodwin