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Letter to Candlewood Lake Club Board

Dear Katie and Directors of the Candlewood Lake Club and CLC Owners Corp, Boards:

"Movers" weren't at Byczeks' residence, they were CONSTRUCTION WORKERS and a crew dropping-off sound deadening equipment. Construction and use of noisy power equipment including saws, at Byczeks' house commenced at 7 AM everyday including many Saturdays and Sundays prior to the construction moratorium on July 1st and since the moratorium have continued most days. Those were violations of CLC's purported "rules." I've told you multiple times, I have photos and videos of the vehicles and CONSTRUCTION WORKERS. As you are aware, Blake Byczek attempted to run over Jon Goodwin as Mr. Goodwin was walking up the street to photograph CONSTRUCTION WORKERS at Byczeks' home. Rather than come and review my evidence, you allege you've called Byczek and regurgitate excuses for his conduct. More workers were at Byczek's yesterday and today. I spoke to one of the contractors who informed me they were "putting in a bathroom." I called the New Milford building department, Byczek doesn't even have a certificate of occupancy. Your statements they're just moving in and putting in security cameras were false. And, your removal of the "Construction Entrance" sign at the end of my property is pure artifice.

How Byczek obtained approval to build a three-story, 7,000 square foot house on the lot next to me is confounding given the Board's refusal to approve much less ambitious and intrusive expansions of homes by other residents. Was the motivation to approve Byczek's project cronyism or graft?

As you are aware, several weeks ago, CLC Board Member, Ed Feraca nearly hit Mr. Goodwin on the south side of the golf shack when Mr. Goodwin, carrying his golf clubs on his back, was attempting to walk to the golf course to play with a friend. Feraca has no basis to prevent Mr. Goodwin from using the club facilities yet he called the police and informed them Mr. Goodwin was attempting to use the club facilities without authorization. I'm informed that CLC Board Member Leslie Sands and her husband John Sands backed-up Feraca's fraudulent assertions to the police. Their behavior is outrageous.

I've observed Feraca traveling well in excess of the posted 15 MPH up and down Farley Road on his scooter and in his golf cart. And, I've heard from several others that he habitually ignores the posted speed limit within the club and, riding on his large Vespa scooter, has buzzed two other people, one on multiple occasions. Feraca is going to hurt someone, perhaps a child or leashed pet. The board needs to take immediate action to curtail his imperious and menacing conduct.

This isn't the first time I've had problems with the Sands. Last year, when confronted regarding certain of her behavior, my daughter ran away from my home. I called the police to assist me to find her. Unbeknownst to me at the time, in confederation with my ex-husband, John Sands picked up my daughter and took her to his residence. I suspected they'd done this and dropped by the Sands' residence asking if they had seen my daughter and informing them the police were looking for her. Despite knowing my daughter's location, Leslie Sands informed me she didn't know my daughter's location and directed me to look in locations where she knew I wouldn't find my daughter. After I left the Sands' home, I was able to independently confirm my daughter's location and direct the police to the Sands' home to retrieve her. I'm informed the Sands are using the artifice that Jon Goodwin threatened my daughter or my daughter claimed Mr. Goodwin threatened her to justify their unlawful actions. Mr. Goodwin has never threatened any of my children and my daughter made no such claim to the police or anyone else. Accordingly, any such claim by the Sands is false and defamatory.

Last year Brian Giordano, an adult child of CLC Corp. Board President Tom Giordano trespassed on my property and harassed Mr. Goodwin, informing him, inter alia, he had spoken to my ex-husband, Raymond Milot, and Mr. Goodwin is not a resident of the CLC and had no right to be on my property. Someone also came on my property and slashed a tire on my vehicle. For months, Byczek's work crew have parked next to and walked on my property. I've found their trash, including beer bottles after they leave at night. And, I've had people traversing my property when walking from Farley Road to Indian Trail. Clearly board members are not interested in addressing issues regarding their children and friends violating my privacy. So, I am making it abundantly clear that anyone coming on my property without my permission will be subject to arrest.

Given the foregoing and the letter containing extortionate demands the club board sent me several weeks ago, it's clear certain members of the CLC community, including board members are pursuing a plan of fraud and extortion to cause: emotional distress and the deprivation of the value of my property with the not so subtle objective of causing me to give up rights in and related to my property. At this point, the harassment is so bad I'm afraid to use club facilities or even walk our dogs around the club. And, I've requested Mr. Goodwin not use club facilities until the boards take affirmative steps to address the foregoing.

The boards need to provide me list of the concrete actions they are taking to address the foregoing. In addition, please provide me the following documents or let me know a time when I can inspect and copy them:

  1. Most recent CLC homeowner and club rosters / directory;
  2. Members' detailed dues account receivables report along with a detailed aging of such receivables; and 3. Copies of all written communications, opinion letters, etc., provided by the Club or HOA to Blake Byczek.

Christine Jowdy