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Letter to Raymond Milot

Via: Our Family Wizard

March 14, 2022

Raymond J. Milot, Junior
54 Morey Drive
New Milford, CT 06776

In Re: Resumption of Parenting Agreement Visitation with Hannah and Cameron

Dear Raymond:

With Judge Turner's March 8, 2022, order, all prior orders entered, including the OTC fraudulently obtained from the Court by DCF, its counsel and Karen Hardy-Massaro, on your behalf, are dropped. Judge Turner's orders make it clear there will be no cessation of visitation as you demanded through your attorney at the April I, 2020, OTC hearing. That said, your insidious behavior has made it extremely difficult for me to have visitation with our children. On multiple occasions you interfered with my custody of Hannah and, in confederation with John and Leslie Sands, without my knowledge or consent, caused Hannah to be transported from the Candlewood Lake Club golf shack and hidden in the Sands' home. Acting at your behest or with your encouragement, Hannah and Cameron have stalked Jon Goodwin and me, violating our privacy in our home by providing you photos and videos from our home and reporting our locations and activities to you to enable your: interference with my custody of our children, theft of property from my residence, instigation of violent conduct by Noah and Hannah, undermine my parental authority, etc. Your false and defamatory statements that Jon Goodwin and me are " psycho," "unstable," have "abused" our children, are under investigation by DCF, etc. to demonize us to our children and third parties are outrageous. Your giving court sealed and confidential documents or causing them to be provided to third parties in violation of criminal statutes and court orders is equally outrageous. Your false statements to numerous parties, apparently including our children that you have sole custody of them. You're undermining my discipline decisions with respect to our children. Your threat, delivered through Noah, to use poison on me and Jon Goodwin is extremely unsettling. Your violations of our divorce agreements and the law are so numerous I won't attempt to recite all of them here. Clearly you induced me to sign those agreements with no intention of honoring them. Shamelessly you used your son's disability to instigate violence in my home for the purpose of fraudulently involving DCF to obtain sole custody. Disastrously for our children your corruption of their morals and minds has led to physical attacks on me, their believing they've been maltreated by me and Jon Goodwin, are entitled to an apology from me, etc. Your excuses for your behavior and false statements, made under oath, and to DCF are farcical. The damage your behavior has caused our children, Jon Goodwin and me, is immense.

I don't want to resume the visitation schedule in the parenting agreement only to have you continue your anti-social conduct and put our children,Jon, or me in further danger, including your using our children to carry through on your threat to use poison on Jon and me. To mitigate the possibility of that happening, I require that Hannah and Cameron immediately join with me in Dr. Gottlieb's Turning Points reunification therapy program. I also request you inform Judge Turner you want Noah to join with his siblings and me in that program. For specifics regarding Turning Points program see Dr. Gottlieb's website at: http://www.turningpoints4families.com. We will stipulate to the attached form of order and submit it the juvenile or family court for their acceptance. You will pay one hundred percent (100%) of the cost of Dr. Gottlieb's program, adhere to the court order and Dr. Gottlieb's directives.

Noah must begin seeing a psychiatrist immediately. I've contacted Roumen N. Nikolov, MD who is affiliated with Yale School of Medicine and want Noah to see him. Because Hannah and Cameron will not be living with you for the foreseeable future, you will have time to take Noah to his appointments in New Haven or Stamford. I also expect you will support and pay for Noah to attend Wediko therapeutic camp this sumner. I will solely make decisions regarding evaluations and therapy regimes for Noah.

Because you never intended to abide our divorce agreements and have pursued a custody war with me, including by fraudulently involving DCF, I expect you will immediately reimburse me for my divorce legal fees and costs and for the legal fees and costs I have incurred related to the juvenile matters you instigated. To date those costs are approximately $180,000.

I also expect you to agree to permanent restraining orders in favor of Mr. Goodwin and me preventing you from coming within 100 yards of either of us. In the future, drop offs and pickups of our children will be made at police stations.

Your defamation of me and Jon Goodwin has forced me to sell my home and move out of the Candlewood Lake Club at significant cost. In lieu of your reimbursing me for the costs and damages I'm incurring related to my having to leave this community, I request you pay one hundred percent (100%) of our children's future medical costs (including therapy costs) and the costs of their undergraduate college educations. I also expect you will inform everyone to whom you, your confederates or our children have maligned, defamed, and demonized Jon Goodwin and me that your statements were made maliciously to cause us harm. And, that you will provide me an affidavit listing all such persons, the dates you contact them and the specific statement you provided them to inform them of the falsity of your statements and your motivations for your deceit.

Pursuant to law you are required not to cause the spoilation of evidence relating to litigation in which you are involved or anticipate. I've requested in the pa§t that you provide me text messages, email communications, phone statements, etc. relating to me and our children and claims I have against you. Both Rebecca Goodrich and Karen Hardy-Massaro were notified to ensure you, Hannah, Cameron, and Noah preserve all such evidence. Contemporaneous with your acceptance of the terms of this letter, I expect you will provide me all such evidence along with a truthful affidavit and supporting text messages and phone statements describing your communications with Hannah, the New Milford Police Department, John Sands, Leslie Sands, Karen Hardy-Massaro, and DCF relating to the incident on March 21, 2020, when Hannah ran away from my home.

Karen Hardy-Massaro's lying and subterfuge have caused considerable harm to our children, me and others. I will be filing a complain.t against her with bar overseers and may include her in a suit against DCF. If l sense Karen Hardy-Massaro continues to involve herself in any matter related to our children, I will immediately file suit against everyone, including you.

Our children and me have suffered significant economic and non-economic damages, in addition to the damages described above. You have until March 17, 2022, at 12:00 EST to inform me in writing of your acceptance of the foregoing as satisfaction of my legal claims against you and provide me the requested affidavit. Upon receipt of your acceptance, I will have my attorney draft a formal agreement which will include provisions tolling my claims in the event you breach such agreement. If you do not accept the forgoing, I will immediately commence a civil action against you and your confederates to obtain court ordered relief.


Christine Jowdy