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Squirrel Team 6 Taking a Report of a Squirrel Murder

Tattoo reality star and ex-convict, Heather Walsh of 20 Church Terrace in Canaan Connecticut reporting me to the Connecticut Environmental Police's crack Squirrel Team 6 tactical unit because my dog, Pepper, severally injured a squirrel and I shot it with a pellet gun to stop it suffering from the fifteen or so deep puncture wounds Pepper put in it with her razor sharp teeth.

Tattoo Reality Star Heather Walsh Reporting a Squirrel Murder to Squirrel Team 6

In the video, Heather Walsh makes several false accusations including that I baited deer and killed a skunk and let Pepper rip it up.

We have deer on the property throughout the year. There's a lot for them to eat on the hillside above our pool and in our yard, so there's no need to bait them. After Heather Walsh falsely accused me of baiting, a DEEP ENCON Police Officer came to the house and asked to see the property. I showed him where I shot the deer, where it wound up and where I dressed it out. Of course he found no evidence I was baiting and stated in his report, "CHECKED PROPERTY NO CRIMINAL ASPECT."

Regarding the skunk, I used a have-a-heart trap to catch and move it out of our yard to prevent my dogs from killing it or getting sprayed. I would never let Pepper rip up any animal, especially a skunk, because I'm afraid she'd contract a disease. But facts and common sense never deter Heather Walsh from using every opportunity possible to defame me to further her inane war.

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