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In Memory of Edward Douglas Reagan

In Memory of Edward Douglas Reagan

December 8, 1968  -  March 20, 2024 

In groves of green where whispers thread
The air, there danced a soul, Ed Reagan led.
With steps so light, on earth's vast stage,
He moved through life, a sage of age. 

A friend so loyal, in depth and creed,
To many he was the beacon they'd need.
With sardonic wit that could light the dark,
His laughter a signature, his undeniable mark. 

Generous, with his time, his knowledge, his hand,
Ed sowed his love across the land.
In gardens lush, his care would bloom,
Vegetables, salsa, sauces – dispelling gloom. 

A hippy heart that beat in time
To live music's magic, so sublime.
He danced through nights, under starlit skies,
In nature's rhythm, where his spirit flies. 

A libertarian, fierce and true,
His rights, he cherished, through and through.
Sunday gun days, in his hands, the steel,
With each shot fired, his passions would reveal. 

The hunter's call, the fisherman's dream,
In Wyoming's wilds, by stream and beam.
Yellowstone whispers, Teton's might,
In these realms, Ed found his flight.

But time, relentless, in its tread,
Has taken Ed, our hearts now shed.
A void immense, in our world, it stays,
A testament to his endearing ways. 

Yet, in our sorrow, let's not forget,
The joy of moments, since we first met.
For Ed lives on, in memory's embrace,
In every dance, every hunt, every cherished place.

 So here's to Ed, a soul so grand,
Whose footprints linger in the sand.
May we carry forward, in our own quests,
The legacy of Ed, who now rests. 

In gardens of eternity, may he find his peace,
His laughter echoing, never to cease.
Farewell, dear friend, till we meet anew,
Under vast skies, of the deepest blue.

Rest in Peace Buddy.