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The Bitter Twist

by Jon Goodwin

In a town gripped by shadows, under the dim streetlight,
Stood a man with a cause, ready to fight.
He saw her tears, like rivers, carving the lines of her face,
A story of loss and sorrow, a heart broken in disgrace.

Oh, the bitter twist of fate, in the silence of their screams,
He fought for her smile, got lost in her broken dreams.
With a heart so brave, he faced the storm's cruel kiss,
Never saw the knife in the shadow, never expected this.

A shadow from the past, with a sinister plan,
Took her kids away, just to hurt her 'cause he can.
Then offered a reunion, a chance to heal the burn,
But the price was her betrayal, at a painful, twisted turn.

Oh, the bitter twist of fate, in the whispers of the night,
He stood by her side, but she turned away from the light.
In the cruelest game, where no one wins or misses,
He was left alone, drowning in false accusations and kisses.

Now he walks alone, under the burden of her choice,
Haunted by the memory of when he was her voice.
In the echo of her laughter, he finds no peace,
Just the jagged edge of love’s cruel release.

The truth is a blade, twisted in his back so deep,
She chose her own chains, left him in the heap.
The hero of her story, now the villain in her eyes,
Betrayed by a love, built on lies.

Oh, the bitter twist of fate, how the tables can turn,
In the fire of her anger, he was left alone to burn.
He fought for her world, but it was just a disguise,
Under the weight of her choice, even the strongest love dies.

So here’s to the man, who took on the night,
With nothing but love and a will to fight.
May the stars guide him, where the truth flies free,
Beyond the bitter twist, to where he’s meant to be.