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Raymond J. Milot's Intentional Destruction of Evidence

Once upon a time, Raymond J. Milot lived at 95 Indian Trail in the Candlewood Lake Club with his wife, Christine Jowdy and their three children. Instead of being loyal to his wife, Ray-Ray busied himself chasing broads like Kim Brown and Jane Walsh, a married woman with two kids.

One day his wife had enough of his restraining her and called the police. Milot was arrested. Angry with Christine for not tolerating abusive conduct and his philandering, narcissist Milot vowed revenge and began a campaign to deprive her of the love and affections of her children. Ever the coward, using his finely honed skills of manipulation, Milot coerced and manipulated his children, neighbors, therapists, lawyers and social workers to help him carryout his vendetta.

This post and others to come detail Ray Milot's conduct toward Christine Jowdy and me that have included his committing unlawful acts or lawful acts by unlawful means. Sadly Milot's children will forever be scarred by his behavior.

The following is a timeline of Ray Milot causing the destruction of evidence to attempt to conceal his conduct which, together with documents to be published in coming days, illustrates how he corrupted the morals of his children by teaching them to engage in such behavior.

Table I: Raymond J. Milot's Intentional Destruction of Evidence

No. Date Description
1. 04/2018 Milot threatened Christine Jowdy that he was "going to war" with her.
2. 09/06/2019 A Jowdy-Milot Child informed Milot in a text message: "Ok I deleted all"
then stated "And I'll delete all of these messages."
3. 10/19/2019 Milot instructed one of his children "you should delete these texts."
4. 10/19/2019 Milot instructed one of his children who was uploading a video
recorded in Christine Jowdy's home, "[your Mom] isn't going to be
happy [you] recorded her … [y]ou may want to delete your messages"
to which the child replied "Ok."
5. 10/29/2019 A Jowdy-Milot child asked its father "[w]hen will you be able to
get full custody[?]" indicating the child was informed by Milot
of his plan to continue litigating against his ex-wife.
6. 11/02/2019 Milot instructed "[y]ou should not save texts to me sweets" to which the
child replied "Ok … I'll just delet (sic) the whole conversation"
to which Milot replied with a thumbs-up emoji.
7. 11/04/2019 Jon Goodwin sends Milot a letter via FedEx informing him he intends
to sue him. Milot rejects the FedEx letter whereupon Christine Jowdy
sends it to him using the OurFamilyWizard email system
which verified Milot's receipt for the document. In his letter,
Goodwin demanded Milot not destroy evidence.
8. 11/08/2019 Speaking to a friend, a Milot child informed them "[Milot] had to
pause messages because my mom keeps taking my phone and looking
through my messages to try and sue my dad."
9. 11/25/2019 Milot asked one of his children "[did y]our mom explode?"
then five seconds later instructed the child to "[d]elete that."
10. 11/25/2019 Milot instructed one of his children "make sure you turn your phone
off and hide it -- and delete this" to which the child replied "Ok."
11. 02/02/2020 Milot, referring to texts messages with a Jowdy-Milot Child, instructed
"best to clear this conversation."

October 12, 2023 Deposition of Raymond J. Milot

When asked under oath whether he told "any of [his] children to delete text messages that [he] sent them," Milot responded "[t]hat I sent them? No."