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Walsh Case Scheduling Order

From: Ms. Christine Jowdy
Sent: Wednesday, October 25, 2023 9:37 AM
To: Rob Serafinowicz; MARK A. SHIFFRIN; Jon Goodwin 
Subject: Walsh Case scheduling order


After what I heard last night from Mark Shiffrin and Rebecca Goodrich's report about the neighbors reporting to her instantly about Jon taking photographs I would like you to move forward on the scheduling order right away. The Walsh's are not going to stop and it is clear that Milot is using them to stalk me and Jon.

I did not partake or endorse the website, note to Shiffrin or letters for preservation that Jon sent. Please do not ask me again about this matter.

Kind Regards,

Christine Jowdy

12 Church Terrace
North Canaan, CT 06018
cell 860-483-6034
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